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Free Clarity Builder Workshop ™

"Legal, Financial & Tax Planning for The Second Half of Life"

Learn How to Legally and Financially, Protect Your Home, Assets & Life Savings from Probate, Unnecessary Taxes and the Devastating Cost of Long-term Care in 3 Easy Steps taught by Christopher J. Berry, Esq., CELA

Free Legal, Financial and Tax WORKSHOP

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Planning for the Second Half of Life

You've done a great job so far planning for your life and retirement, now it's time to protect that quality of life from probate, the IRS, and the devastating cost of long-term care costs.  In this free, fast paced, informative 1 1/2 hour workshop an elder law attorney will cover:

  • How to plan for long-term care to help ensure your care doesn't create a financial hardship
  • Make sure your home, bank accounts, and other valuable assets are protected from probate and long-term care costs
  • Learn how the Pension Protection Act created unique opprotunities to plan for long-term care using IRA money.
  • Learn about proven, successful asset protection and wealth building strategies to secure your and your loved ones’ future

Qualifying for Medicaid is complicated and confusing to the average person. Today, do you know anything about the so-called Medicaid Spend-Down regulations to qualify for Medicaid?

Congress has made paying for long-term care more consumer friendly (which hardly ever happens...) with the pension protection act, which gives you advantages if you leverage your assets with long-term care protection.

You’ll discover in this seminar how to take advantage of these updated regulations to save much of what you’ve spent a lifetime acquiring.