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How to qualify for Medicaid in Michigan without spending down

Whether mom has fallen down, hurt her hip and now needs nursing home care…

Dad has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s…

Or you’re trying to make sure a loved one gets the care they need without bankrupting the family…

Medicaid can truly be a godsend in covering those monthly $10K long-term care bills.

And though many people may not know this, you do not need to be flat broke nor do you need to spend down your hard-earned savings and assets to qualify for Medicaid.  

Yet, you only have one chance to plan ahead correctly so you can qualify and be protected from long-term care costs when they happen.

So whether you’re a recent retiree looking to protect everything you’ve worked hard to build, or a caregiver trying to look out for a loved one, the Certified Elder Law attorneys at the Elder Care Firm  can help you plan for Michigan Medicaid the right way ‒ so you’ll get the benefits you’re entitled to, while still protecting your assets no matter what.

Learn more about the Medicaid planning services the Elder Care Firm can help you with below.

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Qualifying for Medicaid without spending down

Of course, one of our top priorities with Medicaid benefit planning is making you or your loved one can qualify.

And through an attentive combination of trusts, transfers of assets, purchases of annuities and/or increasing the income and resource allowances for family members, we’ll work to get you or your loved one qualified without having to spend down.

Securing your assets from Medicaid and nursing home spend down

One of the biggest worries people have about paying for long-term care is that they’ll need to blow through their savings and sell off their assets – leaving their spouse destitute and their heirs empty-handed – to cover the costs or qualify for Medicaid help.

But through the Elder Care Firm’s trademarked Castle Trust and the creation of a solid estate plan, we can help you keep your assets 100% safe no matter what.  

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Finding other ways for you to pay for long-term care

Although Medicaid can be a huge help in paying for long-term care costs, it’s not always enough on its own.

Luckily, between Medicaid, Medicare, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, IRA withdrawals, and more...there are a lot of ways to make sure you can afford long-term care! At the Elder Care Firm, we’ll help you identify your best options and then strategize the best ways to maximize them.

Medicaid planning for married couples

With proper legal planning, nearly 100% of all assets can be protected when a spouse needs long-term care. Beyond helping you protect your assets, we can also strategize to help you meet your “Michigan Community Spouse Resource Allowance” (Minimum: $23,448 | Maximum: $117,240) and your “Michigan Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance” (Minimum: $1,939 | Maximum: $2,931).

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Medicaid planning for singles

If you’re caring for a loved one who needs nursing home care, there are certain strategies you can use to protect resources while still qualifying for Medicaid assistance. The Elder Care Firm’s Certified Elder Law attorney, Christopher J. Berry, can help a family protect over half of a single Medicaid applicant’s assets while still ensuring they qualify.

Navigating the Medicaid Look-Back Period

To qualify for Medicaid, the state of Michigan looks back 5 years to see if the applicant has sold any assets. If the applicant has, then the state of Michigan can charge a “divestment” penalty. By working with us, we can help you find ways to minimize your penalty.

Protecting Your Home from Michigan Estate Recovery

The Michigan Estate Recovery law allows the state to take back whatever the state paid out in Medicaid benefits (via the Medicaid’s users home and the rest of their estate) once the Medicaid user passes away – thus preventing them from leaving it to their heirs or preserving it for their spouse! By setting up a Lifetime Protection Trust or a Legacy Deed, we can help you protect the family home from Medicaid Estate Recovery.

Has something happened to a loved one (injury, diagnosis) and you have to make a decision to cover long-term care costs now?

Please see our Long-Term Crisis Care page and contact us for a free, confidential phone conversation to explore your options.

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