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Elder Law in Michigan

Getting older can mean making a number of difficult decisions and exploring potential options for the future, including issues regarding long-term care. The type of care needed varies, and the ways in which to assess and finance that care can be extremely complicated.

The practice of Elder Law encompasses a variety of elder care planning issues. These include tapping the resources available to finance the cost of medical and personal care; accessing income assistance benefits; general estate planning, including conservatorship, wills, trusts, probate, and advance medical directives; and how to work within the complex long-term care structures, such as home health care, nursing home care, respite and hospice care.

Elder Law in Michigan
A Protection Against Long-term Care Costs

eldercarejourney.jpgThe cost of long-term care can quickly drain a family’s resources. According to the 2010 MetLife Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs, the average cost of a private room in a nursing home was $229 a day, which added up to $83,585 for one year. The average cost for a residence in an assisted living facility cost $3,293 a month, which added up $39,516 for one year. Meanwhile, the average cost for a home health care aide was $21 per hour, and adult day care services cost an average of $67 per day.

Ready for some good news? We can help you plan in advance to help pay for long-term care in the future, as well as help you obtain assistance from Medicaid if you are already in a nursing home. You don’t have to go it alone.

The team at The Elder Care Firm helps Michigan clients navigate the Elder Care Journey.

A Holistic Approach to Elder Law

Attorney Christopher J. Berry takes a holistic approach to elder law, integrating the legal system with the medical and social concerns that most benefit his clients. He brings extensive experience to his work helping Michigan seniors, veterans and their families develop plans and directives. His services include:

Asset Protection Planning
Veterans Benefits
Alzheimer’s Planning
Investment Suitability
Long-Term Care Planning
Medical Directives
Powers of Attorney
Retirement Planning
Social Security
Wills and Trusts

Attorney Christopher J. Berry is also dedicated to preserving the independence and dignity of older individuals. He skillfully address issues of age discrimination, elder abuse and fraud, the financial abuse of elders, nursing home abuse, nursing home impoverishment, and nursing home neglect.

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